Cardstock Vs. Construction Paper

Cardstock Vs. Construction PaperConstruction paper or cardstock? Cardstock or construction paper? What to buy? A big confusion!

Wait! We have covered these papers in detail so it will become easier for you to decide on one paper; you can pick even both papers because they both are very advantageous.

These papers help you to send some glossy invitations, print out attractive visiting cards, and you can also do some crafting by using these papers.

You can buy some specialty cardstock paper or construction paper depending upon you because despite being different from each other, they both bring various options for creative projects.


Cardstock Vs. Construction Paper – How they Vary

Yet, if you want thicker paper, you can buy cardstock because cardstock is thicker than construction paper. Anyhow, paper types are the main differences in both.

All in all, you can print on either of them according to their compatibility with your printer. 

So, it is time to crack how to print effectively by using both printers; let’s get ready to explore the print on these papers!

What Is A Cardstock Paper? 

Cardstock paper is thicker and smoother and it may have a glossy finish, textured or patterned appearance.

Cardstock printer contains a more finished look, it is sturdier, and due to its sturdiness, it can handle hot glue. Moreover, it is compatible with other heavier materials, it has no limits to design and style.

You can use it for many patterns and colors, the quality of the paper is also outstanding but it is a little pricey.

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In addition, cheaper buying cardstock books is better instead of individual sheets.

What Is A Construction Paper?

Construction paper is a paper that is easy to cut & fold; moreover, it is cheap to buy. Construction paper comes in many unique and solid colors that look very fascinating.

It is easy to manipulate; if you have ever misfolded it, its misfolds are easy to fix. Depending on the texture (rough and unfinished texture), construct paper is not much thicker but it is thin and easy to tear.

But, this printer can’t handle heavier materials, it cannot withstand hot glue; aside from the hot glue, the liquid glue may also bleed through. 

Despite these all difficulties, we feel pleased to tell you, it can stick to regular glue sticks, you can use it for a wide range of DIY projects, arts, and crafts- much more is on your way.

Cardstock Vs. Construction Paper – How Do They Differ? 

1.) Weight And Thickness:

Cardstock is much thicker than construction paper; its thickness is 10 (0.010”) to 16 (0.016”) points.

Construction paper is a bit broader than A4; as far as thickness is concerned, construction paper is just 0.003 of thickness.

2.) Texture And Appearance:

wide range of colors, Card stock – glossy or matte-textured, uniquely decorated and patterned surface, construction paper – a rough feel, 

3.) Size And Weight:

construction paper – measures at 9” x 12”, 

card stock sheet – comes in various sizes, 4” x 6” to 12” x 24”,  card stock paper weighs more, 

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4.) Functions And Uses:

Construction paper is an easy to fold paper, apart from easy folding, it also offers compatible cutting and drawing; it is ideal for arts and crafts. Its bold and vibrant colors win every artistic heart. These kid-friendly larger-size papers look so cool.

Card stock paper is a thick and smoothly finished paper, which is more durable, glossy, and decorative. It comes in both matte and stylish ways; it is perfect for formal invitations and letters. Its endless uses melt every heart!

Cardstock Vs. Construction Paper – What Are The Print Qualities? 

Cardstock and Construction paper, both are so much beneficial for printing and designing; moreover, their output pays off the huge effort you put on while printing them. Let’s see what problems can you face while printing on these papers, how can you fix them, and which is the most challenging paper;

1.) Prints On A Construction Paper:

You can also print on construction paper but for this, you need to cut the sheets to the required size.

You can find your printer’s heavy paper setting and then go for adjusting to thicker paper, 8.5” x 11” dimensions construction paper is good.

When you are using construction paper, you can print in black ink first, then you can go for colored remanufactured ink cartridges.

Once you will practice, printing a multi-page document will be no more difficult. In the case of any difficulty, you can consult the operator’s manual of your printer.

2.) Print On A Card Stock Paper:

Card stock of a suitable thickness is good to go for small non-commercial printers. Printers can deal with 12, 14, or 16pt cardstock; if you start overloading your printer, it will jam and break.

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Uncoated card stock paper is easier to print and can protect you from printers’ heavy paper settings; additionally, you can also get top-quality images as well as print high-resolution photos.

Printers can’t print effectively because glossy surfaces are tough to print on; if you want to print by utilizing glossy card stock, you need to adjust the printer’s heavy paper settings.

All in all, cardstock is a great paper for non-commercial printers!

Key Take – Which One Is The Easiest To Print On? 

Construction paper is an easier paper type, you can easily print on it just by pre-adjusting sheet dimensions; it should print normally on inkjet’s heavy paper setting. 

If we are praising construction paper, it doesn’t mean printing on cardstock paper is impossible. You can also get cardstock’s color and print quality and high-class and durable by just following a few steps.

If you are following the above-mentioned instructions carefully, you can avoid all kinds of risks of jamming.

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