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Best Printer For Legal Size PapersWhen the matters are going to be handled legally, you need to keep every piece of equipment relevant and up-to-mark. As for legal issues, you need to have legal-size printing papers to deal with the procedures legally and professionally.

Keep in mind- if you are in the world of commerce, law, or business, it is immersive to have legal-sized printers.

If you are using a random printer for this purpose, it is a boring and long procedure to change the setting every time. 

You cannot convert the by-default setting to legal-sized and then from legal-sized papers to the by-default; therefore, in the market, legal-sized paper printers are introduced.

In this article, for your convenience, we have compiled up the best printers for legal-sized paper, which are high-performing, faster, and durable. On the other hand, if you invest in the wrong printers, your efficiency will be compromised and you will have a massive loss of resources and working hours. 


My Top Pick…

Among our selected items, HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is the most reputed and efficient printer that prints legal documents in higher quality and without any mess or lagging. 

Best Printer For Legal Size Papers

You can dig out a comparison table to make the features of the enlisted printers more comprehended.

1HP OfficeJet Pro 8025● Large tray capacity
● Higher resolution
Check Price
2Brother MFC-L8900CDW● Multitasking
● Versatile yet amazing
Check Price
3Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw● Easy setup
● Wide-format print
Check Price
4HP ENVY Pro 6455● Excellent print quality
● Fast printing ability
Check Price
5Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer● Heavy-duty
● Easy functions
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6Brother HL-L6200DW● A bug touch screen
● Easy to use 
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Legal size paper printers are multi-function printers as they perform multiple duties at once; moreover, these printers are widely used in business and commerce, colleges and schools due to their additional features.

Printing is a core function of every legal business; thus, a faulty and inefficient printing machine can make the performance worse.

That is why we have keenly picked the printers; these printers yield high-quality output that is easy-to-read text and comfortable to see. The following printers are selected from popular brands that offer jaw-dropping qualities and heart-winning features.

Let’s get into them!

1.) HP OfficeJet Pro 8025– Best Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025In the world of business and commerce, it is imperative to have the best printer for printing legal documents. Thanks to Office jet Pro 8025, one of the best inkjet office printers by HP that is not just a printer but makes it possible to scan and copy your legal documents in a fast and efficient way. Changing settings and giving commands is at your fingertips with its 2.65″ color touchscreen.

Let’s quickly explore the features of this compact design printer!

Key Features:

Supporting Apps: This 14 % smaller printer by HP is the first choice of office users whose daily tasks need printing of various legal documents. Thanks to its HP Smart App that enables you to continuously monitor the printer’s status along with the facility of scanning and copying from your phone on the go. How convenient!

Speed: The faster the speed, the quicker you will complete your daily routine printing tasks. It helps its users save time and energy that you can utilize in meeting with your clients and business partners. 

This excellent machine can print 20 ppm in black and 10ppm in case of color print. The thing that adds to productivity is its automatic two-sided printing. Yahoo! You don’t need to turn the pages after every sometimes.

Best For: The HP OfficeJet is designed especially for smaller work environments. As it is smaller in size, it takes less space leaving much space in your workplace for breathing easily. 

Your work will be more efficient with its 35-sheet automatic feeder. Now, if you want to get the protection of your sensitive data, it is possible with its built-in security essentials. 

This printer secures all your legal information: protects your password, WiFi, document, and also basic encryption.

Connectivity: This best Office jet Pro 8025 has everything in it, either wired or wireless, just to make printing legal documents easy. The connectivity option with wire is Ethernet, so connecting with many users is no more difficult. 

Another connection option is a stable and reliable Wi-Fi system that makes sure to stay connected while detecting issues and automatically connects again via three steps of reconnection. Now doesn’t suffer from unnecessary wastage of time to connect it again and again if any distortion occurs.

The printer also offers cloud-based innovative task services that let you perform high-grade activities through the printer: store and save the data; moreover, use the virtual desktop and other applications.

Tray capacity: This Hp printer works more efficiently for your legal-size documents because of its input-output capacity of 225 sheets, 60 sheets. What else do you want? Just put these many sheets at once and start taking legal-size prints. Indeed a wonderful sheet handling capacity!

  • Built-in wifi
  • Takes less space
  • Protects your documents
  • Organize documents 50 % faster
  • The scanner is not compatible with Mac

Final Verdict:

This legal-size scanner printer copier combo gives you excellent results as it is equipped with all the necessary features that make any machine fantastic for work. Buying this portable, compact printer to fulfill all your legal-size paper printing is a wise decision. So, grab it and install it in the office with its easy setup.

2.) Brother MFC-L8900CDW– Best All-in-One Printer 

Brother MFC-L8900CDWIf you are searching for a good laser printer that is enough for printing a large volume of documents on legal size papers, the Brother MFC-L8900CDW  printer is the answer for all your needs. It offers excellent performance at an affordable price range, making it stand-alone among others.

Now let’s have a look at its unique features. Ready? Ok, start.

Key Features:

Speed: This superb printer is boosting your work rate for up to 33ppm in both color and black, making it equally good for both color and black prints. Now print a large number of your legal papers if you are running short of time. Complete your files on time to earn respect for yourself and your business.

Best For: This versatile printer is an all-in-one machine that increases productivity via its printing, copying, faxing, and scanning functions. Now perform your heavy-duty work without investing in other devices. 

This is an exceptional printer for businesses that has a scan speed of 58 IPM for double-sided printing. Its advanced scanning options allow you to scan large documents of legal-size, and create PDFs.

Tray Capacity: This gigantic device has incredible sheet capacity that lessens your worry of loading or re-loading pages again and again. 

It comes with a 250-sheet paper tray for printing letters and legal-size documents with a facility to add additional trays holding up to 1300 sheets. Want to print envelopes and other media types? What are you waiting for? Do it with its 50-sheet capacity multi-purpose tray.

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Duty-Cycle: This machine is built for an enormous workload with a maximum monthly duty cycle of 60,000 pages monthly. Lawyers now print as many contracts as they can to grab more clients.

Versatility: Now, print, scanning, and copying legal documents using a single machine by Lawyers, accounting, banking, and real estate companies are not a thing to wonder about. Running short of pages or wanting to scan on both sides of the paper is super-easy via its automatic document feeder that can carry 70 legal-size pages at once. Now scan legal documents as fast as you want.

Connectivity: Printing and scanning effortlessly with various wired and wireless connectivity options. Gigabit Ethernet support having a network interface allows easy setup and connection with others.

Added wi-fi connectivity further enhances its performance and enables you to scan from different mobile devices using the Brother iPrint & scan option. If you need an urgent print and don’t have much time to sit on the laptop to connect, use mobile options as it supports mobile device scanning.

  • Faster Processing
  • Multi-layer tray
  • All-in-one machine
  • Keep documents safe
  • 5-inch color touchscreen
  • Scanning to Google Drive is an issue

Final Verdict:

A printer designed with efficient inking capabilities just to make your legal document text easily readable and sharp is for sure the highly advanced and much-needed machine. Law firms, accounting and finance, and real estate companies’ legal documents require much security, which is provided to them by the triple-layer security system of this amazing printer. So, stop wasting time in searching for others, and buy it. Hurry Up, and enjoy printing!

3.) Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw– Editor’s Favorite Wireless Printer 

Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622CdwYou will suffer a loss of resources and working hours if the printer is not efficient enough. Therefore your department or working area should have the best printer for legal size paper. Canon Color Image Class is here to overcome all your worries. 

You want to know more about the features. Scroll down to explore.

Key Features: 

Connectivity: Various wired and wireless connections is the thing that makes any printer the best device. This printer is made for light work; connect this printer to five mobile devices via its excellent wireless connectivity and get exquisite print quality. This fantastic machine creates a hotspot and does not need any router separately for connecting with your devices.

Speed: This mobile-ready, superb device allows you to print legal papers for up to 22 ppm. This printer is manufactured with a faster speed that makes this printer suitable for tight workplaces. It takes only 10.3 seconds to print the first page. Incredible speed for sure!

Paper Capacity: This standard-built machine has a possible fast printing ability because of its amazing paper handling capacity. Its tray can handle 250 sheets at one time. Now ready to get excellent performance and high-quality prints without refilling the tray after every print.

Best For: This Canon class LBP622Cdw is the best use in dorms, small offices, home offices that have less space, as it can easily handle small work and carries a compact design. 

This printer is considered the best to use in an environment for about five people. Starting a small law firm or office where you need legal size prints daily. Then, it is good for you to take this compact space printer because it is not so big.

Toner capability: Approximately 1600 pages of yield are provided to its users via its premium toner, Canon Genuine timer 047 black. It also gives 1200 pages of yield via its drum 049. Now get beautiful color documents with its toner powder that makes prints more detailed and beautiful on legal size papers.

  • Best for home use
  • Compact design
  • Easier to set up
  • Offers Mobile-friendly connectivity
  • Toner is not long-lasting

Final Verdict:

Canon is famous for making reliable printers for years. This LBP622Cdw is an addition to the list that is compactly designed for small works. This specialty makes it the best-selling item. So, if you want to save your time and effort while working at home or in a small office. Do a one-time investment on this printer and enjoy it for a more extended period.

4.) HP ENVY Pro 6455– Best For Simple Multi-Tasking

HP ENVY Pro 6455Change your computer or any other device settings from the print preview option to print a legal-size document. From there, it is also necessary to change the paper size. No one wants to waste time in changing settings whenever going for legal size printing. Now stop worrying as HP ENVY Pro 6455 is here, a specialized printer for legal size printing.

Without further delay, let’s have a look at the features.

Key Features:

Versatility: HP ENVY is the newest edition in the list of best HP printers that are best for both home and office equally. This is a versatile machine that is not just a printer, but you can print, scan, and copy your legal documents easily via its automatic two-sided printing. Not just Save you time and effort, it also saves your pages.

 HP legal-size scanner printer is pretty different from standard A4 paper as it prints legal-size format measures 8.5 x 14.0” professionally.

Speed: No doubt, without speedy work, you will remain behind in this world, which is not a good, if you want to deliver your contracts and other important documents to staff and clients, then this printer is enough to fulfill your needs. 

This Splendid printer by HP can print 10 papers per minute in black and 7ppm in color. It lets you breeze through documents easily with its hands-free-automatic 35-page auto-feeder.

Supporting Apps: This inkjet printer is easier to set up, thanks to its HP smart App that is supportive enough to connect it to other devices in a faster and easier way. Using this App can help you to print, scan and copy legal documents from anywhere. 

It also gives the facility to you to download and share documents to dropbox or Google Drive. This is the advantage of technology that makes the life of its users easy-breezy and so cool.

Connectivity: Printing legal-size papers is not rocket science as this printer has excellent connectivity accessibility. The things added to its productivity are its dual-band wifi, Bluetooth, and also a USB flash drive. 

Save your legal-size documents hard copy in a removable USB device, attach it to the printer, give the command, your legal-size print is in your hands in a second. Isn’t it a cool thing to listen to?

  • WiFi, USB, It goes, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Offers scanning from Mobile
  • Excellent input/output capacity
  • Gives quality prints via HP 67 ink series
  • Connection issues with HP smart app

Final Verdict:

Plan to start a small office at home or take a little place separately for your law firm, don’t forget to include this printer in the list of all important items as it is a simple yet engaging multi-tasking machine that comes with attractive features. So, buy it for office or home use, it is best for both.

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5.) Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer– Best Compact Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser PrinterThere are many printers, whether laser or inkjet, that can print legal size papers. But, we can surely say Lexmark C3224dw is a masterpiece with its amazingly easy-to-operate features that give excellent print quality. Its compact design makes it easy for users that can fit into any small workspace.

I know you are anxiously waiting to know about its features. Hold on! We are right there!

Key Features:

Speed: Lexmark C3224dw  speed is the thing that is the most essential thing when printing legal-size documents. Because legal size papers are mostly used by Lawyers and offices, they both have to print a lot of documents daily. 

This Hp printer is enough to help them as, It can print 24-pages per minute, which is not so bad. Its duplex printing capability gives two-sided printing, now save your paper from wastage.

Resolution: Higher resolution gives you sharper, crispy, vibrant colors with full details, which is exactly the need of Lawyers, and business workers. Let’s boost your office productivity via its 4800 color quality and excellent color DPI of 600×600 for both black and color prints.

Energy-Efficient: This printer is exceptionally energy-efficient. Lexmark has added an integrated intelligent sleep-mode feature to this printing machine. It spends only 0.86 watts per hour when it is in sleep mode.

Goes from print to sleep, and sleep to print quite efficiently. This mode makes it the best printer for legal size printing.No worries about the electricity bill as it consumes less power.

Tray Capacity: This C3224dw color laser printer takes up less space and comes with a single sheet and 250-sheet tray capacity. Put 250 sheets at one time and just ready to receive beautiful legal-size prints of your hard copies.

Connectivity: Lexmark print quality is superb and always needs a clap. The setup is easy and fast also. You don’t need to depend on any other method as it provides wireless and wired connections.

  • Energy efficient
  • Offers two-sided printing
  • Have 256 MB of memory
  • Suitable for most workplaces
  • Bad wireless connectivity

Final Verdict:

Do you want to miss a printing machine that offers automatic two-sided printing? The mobile Print app further enhances performance. So, I am pretty sure that you are going to spend some money buying this printer and get rich, vibrant colors of your legal-size documents that are not easy to find in other products.

6.) Brother HL-L6200DW– Best Wireless Monochrome Printer 

Brother HL-L6200DWBusinesses with higher print volumes are always in search of a dependable, reliable, and fast office printer that offers huge paper capacity should go for Brother HL-L6200DW. The best Monochrome Laser Printer that easily prints legal size paper.

Print Size: Printing on legal-size paper is a piece of cake as its supported printing size is 8.5 x 14. Get crispy, sharp, and easy to read text that gives a professional look to you. With this much printing size for legal papers, you don’t need to look for other machines. 

Speed: This ideal printer for office use increases efficiency and business productivity by producing excellent quality prints for up to 48ppm per minute. Now take prints as fast as you can, as it provides fast printing that saves time and effort.

You don’t have to change the side even after every single side print via its duplex 2 sided printing that enables you to print both sides at once. This is a fast world, and speed is an essential factor in any machine.

Tray Capacity: This printer allows easy operation and quick printing with its large capacity tray that makes it ideal for office use. 

Its tray does not need frequent refills that save time automatically. Its input sheet capacity of 520 papers allows the addition of another 520 sheets making it easy for people to print continuously. No worries if you want to take print on letter or legal size as its tray handles both of them quite efficiently.

Supported Media Type: This is not only made for printing of legal-size papers, as other media types are also printed with its optional printer paper tray that can handle 50-sheets easily.

This printer’s Multi-Purpose Tray can easily give prints on Letter, Envelope, Legal, Executive, A4, and A5, A6 papers. Now office documents of all types are ready to print with excellent machines and of course speedily.

Connectivity: This awesome printer features various wired and wireless connections that make it superb. Now, this printer is shared among the entire workgroup with its Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces. 

Another connection option is its built-in wireless, making it super handy to use and take print from any mobile devices conveniently like AirPrint, Mopria, Cortado Workplace, and the free Brother iPrint&Scan app compatible with Google cloud print 2.0.

  • Cost-effective printing
  • Allows Wireless networking
  • It comes with advanced security features
  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

This wifi-enabled printer offers numerous advanced features, making it the best printer for legal size printing. Having the best printer for legal size printing is the need of an hour for every business. So, grab it and keep your documents printing safe and secure with its advanced security features that also protect unauthorized printing.

Can I Turn My Regular Printer Into A Legal Printer? 

Yes, you just have to follow simple steps to turn your regular printer into a legal printer. The size of legal printers is 3-inches longer than the standard one, even though size conversion is not difficult.

By default, printer settings are set for letter size paper printing. You can change them by following some steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow: 

If the printer is not set for legal size, you can set it by following steps.

  • Go to the start menu
  • Type devices and printers in the search box
  • Then in the search results, click on devices and printers
  • Take the mouse to the printer
  • Right-click on the printer
  • Now it is time to click on printer preferences
  • Then under paper options size and paper/quality
  • Click on the box
  • Simply select legal

You are all ready to print in legal size paper

  • Open up the legal-size document
  • Drop down the Microsoft icon
  • Put legal-size paper inside the paper tray and connect it to the computer
  • Click on the print option

Follow these steps again to take your printer back to previous settings!

Now the question can pop up in mind– how to pick the printers that can print legal-size paper promptly and efficiently? Hold on! Read our review guide to get things clear.

Buyer’s Guide:

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Printer For Legal Size Paper- An Ultimate Buying Guide:

When your search is starting to buy the best printer for legal size paper, you need to consider certain things. Spending a lot of money simply does not mean that you buy the most prominent printer, for office use. Consider some requirements for a printer because this is a machine and everyone has different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Inkjet or Laser?
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The first question that arises when buying a printer is whether to buy a laser or an inkjet?

Both kinds of printers come with certain benefits and harm that you have to know for figuring out which is more compatible.

To print and copy Inkjet printers, layer liquid ink on papers, while on the other hand heated laser to apply toner is used by laser printers. Laser printers are faster and cost less per page. They are specialized in printing a huge number of documents in a shorter span of time, but laser printers are more costly than Inkjet.

Inkjet gets the upper hand as they print color copies which the laser is unable to produce. Inkjet printers are cheaper and print excellent graphics in color, with crisp text and brilliant printing speed.

But Inkjet is not for a high volume of documents and also costs more per page than a laser printer. The delivery time is also slow, with printed papers taking more time. Considering all these things, a laser toner should still be the first choice of most offices to do office work, complete spreadsheets for clients, and create financial reports annually and monthly.

A reliable printer producing black & white prints can help your office manage thousands of pages each month without any hurdle. 

  • Printing Capability

The printing capability of a printer is known for how fast it prints pages. The most used unit is pages per minute or PPM. This term defines the efficiency of any printer. For most business organizations and high-end users, a high Printer’s PPM is recommended as it helps to boost up the production rate and save time.

  • Maintenance

A printer efficient enough in everything is the heart of any workplace. It ruins the flow of work if it has a technical problem, or out of service, or whatever the fault is. 

That is why you need all-in-one printers, that are efficient in inking and reliable so that it is not difficult to resupply or maintain them. And for certain reasons, if the change is necessary go for that one whose components are easy to find.

  • Cost Per Page

If you are in a legal business and in search of a printer to print legal documents, then consider the cost per page as you don’t have to spend all your money on printing papers because cost-effective toner and cartridges of a printer are the best options for you. By doing so, you can save supply costs also.

Some printers have respectable printing speed, some have brilliant printing resolution, and some are not just printers but a scanner, copier, and faxing machine. Others have energy-saving abilities that minimize the cost. You should consider all these things before investing your money.

  • Paper Sizes and Types

Not all printers are productive and efficient, not all are made to print a legal-size document, neither all of them accommodate all types of sizes of, it would be best for you to buy a printer that fulfills your particular need. 

Unlike the letter and A4 size pages, a wide-format printer can also print on Various other types of papers like Matte, glossy, cardstock paper, Laser printer paper, and inkjet paper.

You have to choose that printer that prints the exact paper type you are working on. The particular paper size is the legal-size paper of which we are talking about. Officially, the dimensions of legal size paper are 8.5 x 14 inches in the US and Canada.

.You have to go for a legal-size paper printer that can support a maximum media size of up to 8.5×14 inches. Most of the printers, along with other sizes, also print on legal size easily. 

Best printers with legal-size scanners are also the need of most offices and businesses. Some are not just printers but scanners also. A legal-size page scanner is basically a wide format scanner. Any scanner larger than A4/Letter size is considered wide format.

  • Extra Features:

Printers also offer multiple extra features like wireless connectivity, cloud-based services,on-the-go printing, additional security protocol, and scanning. It doesn’t hurt if the printer offers extra advantages; the more they offer, the more they have a chance to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is It Convenient To Replace Toners And Cartridges? 

Unfortunately, it is not a piece of cake, as every printer comes with its method to replace the cartridges and toner. No universal way is present to do this. You need to contact the company representative to know about the replacement method. The manual book can also help in this regard.

Is It Possible To Print Legal Size Papers From Any Printer? 

Not all printers are the best for printing on all sizes. But most of the print on legal size paper. You just need to change the settings from the navigation panel of your printer and print legal size paper.

What Is The Best Printer For Legal Size Paper Printing?

Laser printers are faster in speed, and they are perfect for doing heavy-duty work; these are the things that make them best for legal size papers. They also cost less per page.

Are My Legal Documents Private And Secure In A Printer?

Yes, it is possible, as all printers are designed with security features to keep documents, network protocols, and data safe. It also prevents data from hacking or leaking.

What Printers Can I Use To Scan Legal-Size Papers?

You have to use the best printer that comes with the best scanner. Actually, a legal-size page scanner is basically a wide format scanner. Any scanner larger than A4/Letter size is considered wide format.

How Can I Print Legal Size?  

It is not so difficult, as every printer supports some paper sizes. You just have to change the settings and change them to legal size. Once you change the setting, your printer is ready to print a legal size paper.

Final Words:

Choosing the best printer for legal size paper having dimensions 8.5×14 inches is a crucial decision to take.

For office work, our best choice would be the Lexmark C3224dw color laser printer that can print faster with excellent color copies. It is the best energy saver machine and also ink efficient. 

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is another good pick for its unique HP smart app; going with it is a safe investment.

Choosing the best devices for legal firms that can also help in scanning legal documents equally well is not an easy task to do. 

The things making any printer the best are auto-duplex scanning, their easy setup, wireless networking, and mobile printing options.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best feature-rich printers for legal paper in 2022. We will be delighted if it helps you in making a wise decision.

Legal-Sized printers are dedicated to providing efficiency and productivity.

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