Best DTG Printers For Small Business

Best DTG Printers For Small BusinessIf you own a small business and looking for some printers this article best DTG printers for small business perfectly for you to pick the best.

Let’s transform printing to an updated and efficient version that is more beneficial than traditional printing with DTG printing. With time, people demand more fine work, more embroidery on t-shirts, and other garments that are done through Direct garment printers. This printing technique is growing and gaining popularity because of speed and efficient printing.

DTG means direct to garments printing, the name says everything. In these types of printers, you will use ink to print the desired more design into your required garments without giving any feeling that something is present on the garments. You can consider this printer a large inkjet printer that is designed to print dragons, flowers where you want on your garments with super-fast speed.

DTG printing is the modern technology that takes you out from the traditional same design garments with color change.  With DTG you get a large range of colors, this can be best for a small business where you don’t have to spend a lot. One of the best benefits that you got from DTG printing is that you can print on colored garments with the same sharpness and elegance in design.

Another type of printing includes screen printing and sublimation printing. Screen printing that allows printing by using a mesh, can be done either through hand or through some machine, while in sublimation printing you have to prepare a mirror image of your design and print it on the garments. Screen printing is better because sublimation printing can be used over limited surfaces.

To run a small business you need a Competitive DTG printer that makes you run your business out of way. Out of these entire printers, the best DTG printer that is present on our list is the DTG printer, a T-shirt printing machine that has broken many selling records because of its performance and efficiency.


Best DTG Printers For Small Business –Our Recommendations

Reading a whole article can be very tough and time-consuming for you, if you want to make a quick and good decision within few minutes our top picks will help you a lot. If you find some product useful here, you can go through the complete description of that specific product.

So without wasting more time let’s get into the brief description of the best GTG printer for small business.

1DTG Printer- T-Shirt Printing Machine● Perfect for t-shirt printing
● Work best with window computer system
Check Price
2Automatic A3 Size● Height automatically adjusted
● High printing efficiency
Check Price
3Epson Surecolor F2100● Faster printing
● Automatic cleaning system
Check Price
4DTG Printer, DIY Printing● Laser positioning
● Water and air cooling
Check Price
5DTF L1800 Printer● Hot melt adhesive powder
● Can print on any surface
Check Price
6Digital Textile Printer● Large printing format
● Digital inkjet printer
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7Brother GTX Pro● Environmentally friendly
● Flexible and versatile
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Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) DTG Printer- T-Shirt Printing Machine 

DTG Printer- T-Shirt Printing MachineIf you are going to set up your small garment business then you must have a DTG printer to print various designs with perfection. Technology has been changing and with it, trends have also been changed. Now people love to wear garments that also have unique and some beautiful features that are not possible with a traditional printer.

To make this business successful and explore time by time you need a competitive DTG printer that will increase your production and in turn success rate. This DTG printer- T-shirt printing machine is the printer that needs not so much introduction; in short, this is the printer that you must look into.

Key Features:

  • Make T-Shirt Of Various Colors: 

As a new business owner, it is very difficult for you to buy multiple printers to color shirts of the same design in different colors. People love variations with the same design if it becomes a trend. To give a beautiful and colorful touch to every shirt you must have a DTG printer- a T-shirt printing machine.

By having this printer you don’t have to spend more money in buying different colors of ink and different printer to design a colorful set of shirts. With this printer, you can easily print colorful designs on shirts and every design will be the mirror image of the other if you have made perfect settings.

  • Excellent Tech And Customer Support: 

DTG printer- A T-shirt printing machine is a manual printer you have to set it manually by yourself. Setting up a new printer for a person who is also new in the printing field can be a milestone that becomes difficult to cross sometimes but not with this printer.

Excellent customer support is provided with this printer that helps you to set the printer without any difficulty. Various videos are included in it that will help you a lot to adjust your printer speed, height, and other functions without the outside aid of some technical person.

  • Flatbed Printing: 

DTG printer- T-shirt printing machine has flatbed printing feature to print on any material of any size. This type of printing matches with the inkjet printer but the difference is in the ink and sticking process. After falling UV light polymerization start and print is embedded deep in the surface of any type.

With this type of printing, you don’t need to open a lot, in short, this printing is environmentally friendly. Usually, a printing area is very messy; colors and other raw materials are present around, this flatbed printing makes the printing procedure neat and free from pollution.

  • Thick Fabric Printing Issue: 

DTG printer- T-shirt printing machine offers printing only on thin surfaces especially on t-shirts and is perfect for children. But things become more difficult to handle when you try to print something with this printer on thick surfaces like wool or other things.

All other things are perfect in this printer, the cist, and the speed, with so many features this printer, has a shortcoming in form of printing on selected fabrics only and can print only in one side. Double side printing is not offered in this printer.

  • Easy printing
  • Various colors printing
  • High printing speed
  • Perfect for printing t-shirts
  • Pre-installed printing software
  • Not good for thick clothes
  • Single side printing

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best DTG printer for small business you must have a DTG printer- a T-shirt printing machine. This printer is perfect in terms of cost and features, a perfect printer for DuPont ink that allows printing of sharp and reliable printing on clothes.

The customer support offers by this printer is not less than any efficient printer with a low cost. This printer will be perfect for printing with a resolution range of 5760*1440.

2.) Automatic A3 Size

Automatic A3 SizeMoving further in the list of best DTG printers we have an Automatic A3 Size printer that is a perfect printer for your versatile garments. Not only thin surface this printer will work best on a hard surface like pants and hoodies. For a vast product range with different materials, you must have this printer.

This flatbed printer with connectivity to windows 7, 8, 9, and 10 and most important 540 pieces nozzle make the print in the way you want. Let’s make and establish your small business in a very small time with this Automatic A3 Size printer because of its varnish effect on any surface.

Key Features:

  • Adjust The Height Manually: 

Automatic A3 Size allows you to print on materials of variable height. Most printers have a fixed height that allows you to print only to a limited height. This is a plus point and shortcoming at the same time, plus point in terms of time-saving that you have to fix the height every batch and shortcoming in terms of limited height printing.

With Automatic A3 Size, you can fix the height for one batch and at the same time, you can make changes in the height as you want. This is the must-have equipment for a DTG printer to expand your business with the production of prints on variable height.

  • Varnish And Emboss Effect: 
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Give your product a different and unique look with this high-quality DTG printer. a shiner thing always attracts the people towards itself even though designing is not so much beautiful Automatic A3 Size gives a varnish effect that will make the color brighter and more clear with embossing effect on a smooth surface.

This emboss effect will increase the life of your printing on the garments, as it does not fade away quickly. Quality matters a lot especially for a new business, give your printing products a unique and signature look with this Automatic A3 Size.

  • Long Time And Economical Usage: 

Success depends on your hard work, for a new business you have to do work from day to night to establish yourself in a market. You cannot do this until you have a perfect machine to go along with you. Continuous printing from a printer my lea to heating up of machine and as result efficiency may decrease from time to time.

With this Automatic A3 Size you can use the printer for a long time without the fear of overheating because a fan is included that will keep the temperature normal. Ink bottles are also present in this printer that will save the printer ink to lose drop by drop. This ink is saved and you can use it next time in your printing.

  • Separate Ink Bottles Have To Be Bought: 

Automatic A3 Size does not come with ink sets, as it allows 6 colors printing but you have to purchase them. This can be a little burden on your pocket but some compromise has to be done at few points.

To make this purchase economical waste ink bottle is present in its machine that will save the ink wastage that is lost while printing.

  • Non-contact inkjet printer
  • Large print bottles with handles
  • Varnish effect
  • Low price
  • Stop switch for emergency
  • You have to buy a separate ink set

Final Verdict:

If you want to print white and other colors at the same time then you must have Automatic A3 Size. This printer comes with a power button and a light indicator that will make printing easy during the day or even at night time.

The ease of switching between different colors, varnish, and emboss effect to print permanently on the fabric of any material make this printer the best DTG printer or small business.

3.) Epson Surecolor F2100

Epson Surecolor F2100When you are looking for a direct to garments printer then speed and efficiency matters a lot. You cannot have the best DTG printer for small business than Epson surecolor F2100. Epson sure color F series include F2100 and F3070 are designed for printing garments with less cost of maintenance.

This Epson F series offers a high speed that is required for production at a new level. With advanced technology, improvements are made in resolution, imaging, and speed with ultra-chrome and ink technology has taken DTG printing to a level better than previous.

Key Features:

  • Best For Beginners: 

Establishing a new garments business never runs go smoothly as it goes with Epson surecolor F2100. You must have a printer that will print at a large speed with no compromise on any quality. This printer with advanced ink technology makes print absorb on garments without any side effects.

Printing garments may cause a problem for sensitive people because of ink, but this printer ink will be safe for children, adults, and young ones. This Epson surecolor F2100 with easy maintenance can be the ideal choice for you as a beginner.

  • Highly Efficient Piece Of Equipment: 

Starting a new business and lower quality cannot go side by side. This printer is an excellent and efficient printer that allows prints at higher speed and with greater efficiency. With higher efficiency, you don’t have to make a compromise on the sharpness of the image and loading speed.

This printer with a higher loading speed and two times faster printing is best for new business. Epson surecolor F2100 allows printing of different colors with white highlights thus reducing the overall time of printing and cost of buying different printers.

  • Not Just For Garments: 

More items in a newly established business will create more opportunities for you. If you want to launch different printing items in the market at the same time then you must have Epson sure color F2100that enables you to print on different surfaces.

Epson series printers can print on rough and smooth surfaces including t-shirts, shoe bags, and handbags. With a single printer, you can make printing easier and fast with the same quality on all surfaces. This short production equipment will allow you to increase your production with no extra cost on machinery.

  • Expensive: 

One thing that may disappoint you while purchasing this DTG printer is its price. When a comparison is done between this and another printer then this printer is a little more expensive than other printers.

But with this price, you can enjoy printing on mass production, wallpaper, and many more. with multiple features, one can compromise on the price of this printer.

  • Latest print head technology
  • Versatile printing
  • Durable ink
  • Clear and sharp printing
  • Faster printing
  • Expensive printer for small business

Final Verdict:

Epson surecolor F2100 allows multiple printing with excellent quantity and quality production. one of the best things that make this printer worth buying is its automatic in-line cleaning system. You will save your maintenance cost and time that you have to spend on cleaning and buying different items for cleaning.

You cannot have a high-performance, quality printer with so many features except Epson surecolor F2100. If you are willing to buy a new DTG printer to establish a new or to explore an established business this will be the best partner in your business in making it successful with every product.

4.) DTG Printer, DIY Printing

DTG Printer, DIY PrintingWhen you are looking for an A3 A4 size printer with easy setup and usage nothing can be better than a DTG printer, DIY printing machine. This printer will make DIY printing on ties, metals, phones, and different surfaces. This is a right direct-to-garment (DTG) printer with ultra-high performance and quality.

In a new business, time matters a lot, you have to select a printer that will make printing less time-consuming. In a printer most time is lost in plate making and then printing, this printer will print in one shot without any plate making.

Key Features:

  • High Definition Printing: 

Moving towards the features of this state of art printer, its A3 and A4 print size is worth watching. With this printer, you are going to break the traditional maintenance and effort that you need to do several hours before every time you are going to print something.

This DTG printer, DIY printing is a complete package you don’t have to install any software on your PC or Mac. This printer has compatible with both Windows and Mac and you can print on any surface from logo designing on a t-shirt to mobile phones or even walls designing can be done through this best DTG printer for small business.

  • Inside The Double Cooling System: 

Over time your printer efficiency and speed decrease because of the heat production. With this DTG printer, a DIY printing double cooling system is present that will keep the inside of the printer clean and cool for efficient and durable printing.

An infrared feature is present in this printer that will adjust the height of the printer automatically. You don’t have to change the position manually, you just have to sit and make a design that you want to print on the desired surface.

  • More Accurate Printing Position: 

Hydraulic track and square rails are present in DTG printer; DIY printing that will make printing position more accurate and precise. Servo motor is present that will allow printing only on the place with ink and the blank spaces are left blank. This will ensure fat printing with more precision in designs.

A white ink circulation tank is present that will keep color in circulation. This will prevent the clogging of ink when not in use for a long time. This printer will print neatly on the place where you want to put it with more sharp and vivid colors.

  • Printing On Sweaters:

You can use this printer for versatile printing on any surface but durability is different in different materials. Ink will go inside not on the surface for thin surfaces but with sweaters, durability does not last long and fading may occur after some time.

  • Hydraulic tack and servo motor
  • Water and air cooling system
  • No nozzle blocking with ink circulation function
  • Infrared sensor
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Printing issues on the sweater

Final Verdict:

DTG printing has gone to the next level with this state-of-the-art and DIY printing that makes printing smooth and clean. Its six-color supply allows you to print sharp and light colors on the same t-shirt or other surfaces at the same time.

A3 and A4 size print head, flatbed printer with infrared and UV sensor for height adjustment make this printer for beginners and for those who are new in the printing business.

5.) DTF L1800 Printer

DTF L1800 PrinterThe next best printer on our list is the DTF L1800 printer, a complete package for new businessmen. For proper printing, you need a printer and curing machine. This printer will work in both ways because this is a combination of printer and oven.

The efficiency and durability of a printer depend on its curing time, with this printer you don’t have to purchase a separate machine. This is the best DTG printer for small business in this way.

Key Features:

  • Heat Transfer PET Film Printer: 

A newly established business needs a lot of support and various compromises have to be done at the start to save cost on printing. With the DTF L1800 printer, you got two in one package that is PET film and printer.

You can easily print your design and after this, you just have to heat press it and your design will be copied on the printer. This will increase the production speed that is the prime need of every business to expand more.

  • Suitable For Small Business: 

When you are going to start a new product or a new branch you need to manage everything at a low cost. In terms of printers you always want to pick the best one at a lower cost, if you want it then the DTF L1800 printer is for you.

Despite the lower cost, this printer is using the same ink head printer as other DTG printers with epson1800 print head. Epson print heads are the most reliable and durable printers that give more life to printers and print.

  • Complete Package With One Printer: 

DTG printing is not cost-effective most of the time but it is with a DTF L1800 printer. With this printer, you don’t have to buy ink, bottles, and handler for proper usage. More than 100PET films are present in the box, pre-installed software is present that is compatible with windows is also present to make this purchase profitable.

  • Software Problem: 

One thing that may affect the performance of the DTF L1800 printer is the quality of its software, With RIP 9.0 printing is not as fast a sit to be, because it Is cracked.

For better performance, you have to install software that is compatible with your windows. This will remove the entire printing problem that you have to encounter because of software.

  • PET film presence
  • DTG printer with oven
  • Cost-effective
  • Light in weight
  • You have to install software for better printing

Final Verdict:

DTF L1800 printer is a new printing technology that will make your printing very cost-effective. The oven present in its construction is lightweight as compared to a heavy industrial oven and easy to use.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and a printer with practical application that you can make your choice best with the DTF L1800 printer.

6.) Digital Textile Printer

Digital Textile PrinterIf you are looking for a short production equipment printer to print at a small scale then you can have a Digital Textile printer as the best printer. this is all in one printer that does not need any plate or any other accessories. The most important quality of this printer is that you can produce one-piece printing with this printer.

This Digital Textile printer can be the best home inkjet printer because of its production in one piece. This will be an ideal printer for home and small-scale business.

Key Features:

  • Dye-Sublimation Printer: 

A Digital Textile printer is a printer that allows a dye-sublimation printer enabling to print easily on polyester surfaces. Printing on the polyester surface may cause a problem during washing with UV and other printing methods this sublimation will make the color go deep inside the fabric.

This printer will be for you If you have a shop instead of the whole business, because of its size and production at a lower level.

  • Excellent Customer Support:

Working and operation this Digital Textile printer is not so much difficult. If some user is new in this printing field or not getting something the customer support will help him a lot.

An engineer can even be sent to make you understand a process in detail without any extra charges. If training is demanded by some customers then this will also be provided with suitable charges in form of fee.

  • Easy To Operate: 

The main benefit that you will get with this printer is the ease of operation. Because of this ease, you can use this printer at home to print small prints on your shirts and other textile materials.

You don’t have to do homework before operating this printer, place the fabric under the printer and push one button your printing process will be initiated.

  • Not Good For Large Production:

If you are looking at this printer to make production at a larger level then this printer is not for you. This printer comes with a less printable area that allows printing of one shirt at one time. You have to select another printer for massive production especially if you are looking to start a new garment industry.

  • Dye-sublimation printer
  • Easy operation
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple material compatibility
  • Printing speed is lower

Final Verdict:

The last Digital Textile printer is the best practical printer that you, must have at your home, 6 ink tanks that are connected may work together to print your shirt in different colors with a single push button.

You must have this printer because of its ease and practical usage on small scale.

7۔) Brother GTX Pro

Brother GTX ProBrother GTX pro is the printer with all the functions and features that must be present in a printer to start the production of garments at a large level. This printer allows you to print on any material of your choice from soft to thick from cotton to polyester.

The item you get as output will be the best that you can have to make your business grow and quality will be of high level making you a great businessman within a small time.

Key Features:

  • High Speed, Less Waiting Time:

With this Brother GTX pro, you can print 10 times faster than other DTG printers. Its powerful motor with even nozzles eliminates all the waiting time that is done by giving any command manually like loading and cleaning.

In addition to high speed, its automatic cleaning system will clear the ink tank automatically and in turn further increase the production speed.

  • Height Sensor And Environmental Friendly: 

While printing the main problem that the manufacturer find is the height adjustment. If you adjust the height manually then it may be lower or higher from the required level. The lower level will lead to the merging of colors and a little higher level will lead to mist around the print.

The automatic height sensor will adjust the height of the nozzle to the ideal height. In addition, this printer has certified inks that will be safe for children, adults and also their usages in the environment will not add any pollution.

  • High Level Of Precision: 

Now moving to the next feature of this Brother GTX pro printer is its high-level performance that allows you to print on any surface. White ink is used for cleaning and in ordinary printers, a lot of ink is used in cleaning.

With this printer, because of the high end, performance ink circulation system is always present. This circulation will reduce the usage of white ink to a lower level.

  • Set Up Is Difficult:

This printer offers some difficulty in the setup procedure. Everything is present in it pre-installed you just have to set it. For this ease, an experienced technician is provided that will help you in easy installation, and set up will become easy.

  • Fast printing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Versatile printing surfaces
  • Brother GTX pro
  • Set up is difficult

Final Verdict:

Give your print a touch of pro with this Brother GTX pro. This printer allows you to print the same design on different materials with the same resolution and same durability.

Brother GTX pro is ideal for shops because of its compact design and fast printing. You can enhance your printing items with this high-performance DTG printer.

How To Print Using A DTG Printer Like Pro?

Up till now, you must have enough knowledge and idea about DTG printing. But as a beginner, these printers are not of any use if you don’t know how to prink like a pro from these printers. We are providing you guidelines in some simple steps that will make printing a game and you will enjoy printing.

  • Pre-Treatment Of T-Shirt:

Before starting printing you have to pass through pre-treatment of your shirt or the fabric you are willing to print. Pre-treatment is just like a primer that is applied before makeup for better sticking of makeup. The same pre-treatment of fabric is done with spray, make sure spray covers the entire surface of the fabric so the ink sick to the fabric smoothly.

You can do pre-treatment with spray through hands or an automatic pre-treatment machine. Hand pre-treatment is preferred over automatic because with the hand you can spray according to your needs.

  • Printing Graphics On Paper:

After pre-treatment, the next step is the creation of the design and its printing. If you have a DTG printer you don’t have to worry about colors brightness and clarity. But this is not all done; you must have an outstanding artwork that is printed on your fabric.

For creating a beautiful design you must have a professional application like adobe illustrator etc. if you have designed a print first try to print on paper if it is good on paper it will be good on a shirt. If you don’t have enough experience of using any software you must have to hire a graphic designer or you have to take training to do well.

  • Printing Through DTG Printer:

The most crucial step is printing on your shirt through the DTG printer. For image translation from software to your fabric, you need the rest image processer RIP. In a modern DTG printer, pre-installed RIP is present but if it is not you have to purchase it for the printing procedure.

This software plays a vital role in giving you more control for an image like color control sharpness and better resolution.

  • Final Touch:

This is the final step in DTG printing like a pro, after printing you have to give your design some time to stick permanently with your fabric. This sticking time is called curing time and is different for different materials.

As a beginner, it is difficult to estimate the curing time of any garment, for easiness you need to leave the fabric for 24 hours at 160 degrees Celsius temperature. This is enough time for sticking ink to any material and after this, your shirt can be washed easily without fading of colors.

Buying Guide For Best DTG Printer For Small Business:

As you are establishing a new business you need a competitive DTG printer, because this will decide your profit and loss.

While buying a printer you have to look at various factors according to your needs because every printer does not print the same on a different type of fabric.

To make your business growing you cannot compromise on the quality of a decent DTG printer and you have to consider given buying guide before loading it.

  • Printing Resolution:

Printing resolution on a cloth is measured in dpi that is dots per inch. The ideal value for printing resolution is 1440pi but if it is high you can print better.

The resolution of the printer matters a lot because you cannot tolerate a blurry image on your clothes. If an image is clear with sharp and bright colors, they will speak of your compatibility and credibility.

  • Printing Speed: 

In a business either it is new r well-established speed matters a lot. Speed becomes more prime when you are willing to run a garment business.

Before investing money, you need to choose a printer that can print a large volume within two to three hours. A one-sided printer can be handled easily and it also plays a great role in marinating the printing speed to a higher level.

  • Ease In Use: 

DTG printers are not always easy to use, and sometimes you need to hire a professional to run the machine properly or you have to take training before buying equipment.

New businessmen normally cannot afford to hire a new person so you have to look for a printer that offers a high level of ease during use. In terms of easy installation and set u Epson printers are best.

  • Printable Area:

The next thing that you have to keep in mind while buying a DTG printer for small business is its printable area. The printable area and speed of the printer are linked, larger printable area means larger speed. A compact area of printing will lead to less speed.

To make printing cost-effective, you must look for a printer with a large printable area. Ideally, you have to look for a DTG printer that can print 4 to 5 shirts at the same time.

  • Quality Of Print: 

For a small business, must-have equipment for a printer is the quality of print that you got on the shirt. You can compromise on speed and printable area but cannot compromise on the quality of print.

Before buying a printer always consider its resolution, if it is possible to try to get some sample prints to check the clarity of the image if it is not then always read the specification with a special focus on the quality of printing.

  • Types Of Clothing: 

The next feature that is of prime importance is the type of clothing that you can print with your DTG printer. if you are looking for a printer only to print shirts you have to look for a printer that is totally for shirts with no compromise on performance.

But if you are willing to launch different products like aprons, bags, mobile cases, and shoes you have to look for a printer that allows printing on different surfaces, here you have to compromise a little on the quality that will not affect your production quality and quantity.

  • Maintenance Cost: 

Last but not the least feature that you have to consider while buying short production equipment, is its maintenance cost. If you have a printer that needs maintenance after every short period this will affect the speed of your production.

A printer with complicated maintenance needs a professional to clean and maintain the printer that will not be profitable for you. Luckily, different printers are available in the market that comes with automatic cleaning and maintenance or very little effort while maintenance.

Our Takeaway:

To start a printing business DTG printers are must-have equipment to grow and to expand your business. The entire product mentioned in this article has excellent printing and helps you to earn out of the way.

You have to decide printer with a suitable price range but as it is concerned with producing the printer’s read cost greater than $1000. Before buying any printer we recommend you to read the detailed review of every product.

We hope our article best DTG printer for small business will help you a lot in making a final decision on your printer.

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