Best 12×12 Printer For Scrapbooking in 2022- Top-Notch Products

Best 12x12 Printer For ScrapbookingThe art of crafting is now so simple with the use of an appropriately wide range of printers. 

Now, with one printer, you can print your photos, documents, wall art, scrapbook stickers, calendars for scrapbooks, greeting cards, giveaway announcements, paper ornaments, a lot of functionalities, and journals. One Printer and big fun!

On the hard copy, with the help of quality printers, you can print more extensive-sized paper. Brands across the globe are doing hard work to design and manufacture printers for their customers. Things that need to be considered before buying a product are resolution and print quality.

Print awesome papers and make Attractive 12×12 scrapbooks, and many other projects using the best 12x 12 printers. If you want to produce supreme quality output, these printers are built with a lot of advancements and functionality.

People are now dependent more on technology; still, the markets are filled with attractive 12 x 12 scrapbook pages. So, if you are planning to make a scrapbook again, we write this article especially for you.

For all enthusiastic scrapbookers who want to print beautiful scrapbook pages, regular printing papers, print entire layouts, or want to print partial layouts, we have the list of best scrapbook printers for 12x 12 inches scrapbook pages. So, reignite your creativity by using any of these mind-blowing 12x 12 scrapbook printers


Key Considerations Before Choosing the 12×12 Printer:

What do you have in your mind? Just do a little search o,n Google and choose the first printer you have seen. Absolutely not!

It is about designing an attractive scrapbook, so certain things need consideration.

Keep the focus on the following tips before selecting wide-format printers.

Pigment or Dye Inks? 

Pigment inks are designed specially to create long-lasting prints about (50 to 70 years) in various conditions for getting superb output.

Printers using Pigment inks cost more and tend to be professionals than those using dye ink. I hope you got my point! So, to display your work for a longer time period with no acrylic or glass protection, then go for pigment ink.

Dye ink’s best color performance for 12x 12 scrapbook papers is mostly used by inkjet printers. This ink gives more paper compatibility and performance, of course.

The main point is that dye ink has less fade resistance than pigment ink. Canon ChromeLife and Epson Claria last for 40 years are printers that are more professional models and used newer systems are good enough for about 40 years of display and up to 100 years in dark storage.

The number will increase as it depends on the usage and care that you show towards the printer. However, the facts core effect of our discussion is that pigment ink offers more amazing paper compatibility.


To sum up, I can say that pigment ink is better when you print papers to store them in your archives under different environments, which means making archival prints. Go shopping for dye-based ink printers when extreme fade resistance is not required.

Which Paper Path to Choose? 

Commonly known are the three standard paths included, U-shaped, L-shaped, and straight. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Want to know more, hold on!

Epson and Canon printers carry rear feed trays. HP has a front feed tray. People like those printers mostly that can accept heavy card stock. That’s why Epson and Canon are the first choices of many.

Digital or Traditional Scrapbooker?

Digital scrapbook is the latest form of a scrapbook that can print partial or full layouts for further decoration and take advantage of inkjet printers that can print 12 x12 inches of paper.

Traditional scrapbooks are those made with boxes, cards, or patterns using photos. So, in general, saying 12 x12 scrapbooks are ready to give you fun.

Convert old prints or photos into easy-to-use digital form by scanning them via 12 x 12 printers that are printers with a scanner. 

For preparing memorabilia to enjoy in the future, use the printer that even prints borderless.12x 12 scrapbooks papers.

In your digital scrapbook journey, the choice of the right inkjet printer is very important.

Pros and Cons of Large-Format Printing? 

12×12 printers come with several elegant features that give you ease in many ways, but they also have certain advantages and disadvantages. Scroll down more to explore.

  • One of the most admired option
  • No further need to order prints or photo processing services
  • It holds more flexibility in creating journaling blocks,
  • Supportive for a range of scrapbook paper layouts and designs
  • Handy for children as well
  • Equally great for science fair displays, school projects, art class posters, and much more
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  • Little bit expensive scanner
  • It is hard to find a photo paper
  • Borderless pages are not printed by all
  • Waste energy and papers sometimes
  • Require printing on 13 x 9 inches and trimming on 12 x12

Our Summary: 

Larger printers carry more benefits than flaws, and using image editing software can fix the issues. So, investing in a large-format printer is a wise decision as they are helpful in many ways.

Best 12×12 Printer For Scrapbooking

1Canon PIXMA iX6820● Faster speed
● Large scan
Check Price
2Epson Workforce WF-7710● Easy navigation
● High-quality 
Check Price
3Canon PIXMA TS9521C● Higher compatibility
● Easy navigation
Check Price
4HP OfficeJet Pro 9015● Quick control
● Convenient features 
Check Price
5HP ENVY PHOTO 6255● Higher image quality
● Multitasking 
Check Price

  Let’s get into the product review!

1.) Canon PIXMA iX6820 – Wide-Format Printer

Canon PIXMA iX6820The printer is a necessary tool to experience the best prints for your 12×12 scrapbook. Convert your fantastic business ideas into reality using this Canon PIXMA iX6820 and get the results that no one will offer to you ever.

Key Features:

  • The Canon PIXMA iX6820 is an inkjet printer that is ideal for office use. This printer has the ability to produce crispy photographs on 4” x 6” mailers to 11” x 17” spreadsheets. Stop worrying if you will insert a 12×12 page inside it, as this excellent printer can print 13×19 inch pages without borders. 
  • Are you in the hustle, want to complete the printing of your scrapbook pages as soon as possible? This is no more a difficult task as it can even print 4×6 pages in 36 seconds. Such an incredible speed indeed!
  • Canon PIXMA iX6820 lets you scan, print, and design a scrapbook to gift, Photo, document, and craftworking.
  • This high-performance 5-color ink configuration system is compatible with four dye-based inks for professional-looking photos, and for exceptionally crispy texts, use pigment-based black ink.
  • The compatible inks include PGI-250 Pigment Black/Black XL, CLI-251 Magenta/Magenta XL, CLI-251 Black/Black XL, Cyan/Cyan XL, and Yellow/Yellow XL.
  • Create scrapbook pages, documents, and photos of your supreme quality business with a resolution of 9600x 2400 dpi. It produces 14.5 images per minute for black, and for color, it produces 10.4 images per minute.
  • You don’t need to power off or on after every use. Thanks to its Power on feature automatically on the printer whenever you add a paper or document for printing. Print without disturbance gives you a feeling of ease, which is now possible with its quiet mode.
  • Another sensational feature of this Canon PIXMA is My image garden software. This feature makes organizing and printing a fun and easy task with facial recognition, calendar organization, and automatic layout suggestion.
  • Excellent color reproduction is easy and fasts with google cloud print that allows you to take prints from everywhere; all you need to do is install an App. Then, transfer the data with its high-speed USB cable.
  • No need to invest in other devices for wireless printing, as it is designed with built-in wireless, allowing you to print from any computer or electronic devices enabled with a wireless facility.
  • Now, it is time to turn Instagram photos into printed memories by buying Canon Pixma, the best 12×12 printer for scrapbooking.

Canon PIXMA iX6820

  • Quiet mode
  • Power-on mode
  • Have 1 Picoliter
  • Support 5-ink system
  • No Con

Final Verdict:

Want a great vibrancy in your printer? Make any type of paper-based memorable and fun with this iX6820. Another integral feature of this device is that it is supportive both with windows and Mac, take a wise decision and buy this superb device from Canon.

2.) Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Performance Beyond the Laser

Epson Workforce WF-7710The name tells the story, Epson Workforce WF-7710 can do a lot of work. Though it is specialized to print lovely 12×12 inch papers of scrapbook only, this all-in-one printer also comes with a fax machine, a copier, and a scanner. 

Key Features:

  • Epson Printer lets you print as many prints as you want because the whopping resolution of this high-grade printer is 4800×2400 dpi. Let’s create borderless prints and huge pictures for up to 13x 19 inches of size via its PrecisionCore technology.
  • One thing that further enhances its productivity is its blazingly fast speed of 10ppm for color ink and 18ppm for black ink. This super-fast printer is always ready to make digital copies, birthday cards, birthday invitations, giveaways, event tickets, and concert tickets- one printer and multiple benefits.
  • Epson workplace owns more specialized media that lets you print whatever you want in higher quality and higher resolution.
  • Moreover, this amazing EPSON WF-7710 supports various connectivity options like WIFI direct, NFC, and Ethernet. The wealth of wireless connectivity makes it easy to print from tablets and computers.
  • This versatile inkjet printer comes with a 250-sheet input tray and a rear feed for special papers to make it ideal for the office. It can hold up to 10 envelopes and 20 sheets of photo paper. You can leave aside more electricity consumption as it consumes 80 percent less power than a laser printer. 
  • This high-capacity printer lets you print huge pictures to make your favorite scrapbook; you can also do double-sided printing through this 12×12 printer.
  • Easy navigation and control don’t take much time now as its 4.3 inches color touch screen has all the necessary options displayed on its front. What else do you want? This brilliant printer also includes an Automatic duplexing System that gives two-sided printing and supports a 35-sheet automatic document feeder.
  • This printer gives colorful and high-quality images as it is supported with 4x DURABrite Ultra Ink cartridges that include 1x Yellow, 1x Magenta, 1 x Black, and 1x Cyan. The scanner is excellent as it can scan a paper of 11 x 17 inches. Use either a copier, scanner, or printer; it gives equally incredible results.
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  • Wireless connectivity option
  • Versatile paper-handling
  • Allows 2-sided printing
  • Epson Ink does not work

Final Verdict:

I am sure that no one wants to miss this EPSON printer as this is ideal for handling office and other day-to-day projects with quick and easy setup. Grab this trustworthy product of a prestigious brand and enjoy printing more and more papers for your scrapbook.

3.) Canon PIXMA TS9521C – Economical Yet Efficient

Canon PIXMA TS9521CThird, on the list of extremely versatile printers for 12×12 scrapbook is Canon PIXMA TS9421C. The fantastic features of this printer make it worthwhile to handle a lot of important projects related to office or home-based.

Key Features:

  • The wireless all-in-one printer is equally a good scanner and a copier. Its fantastic scanner gives a maximum scanning size of 11x 17 inches. Let’s ready to digitize your older photo prints and make them new.
  • The great maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi makes it able to produce high-definition photographs. Arrange them and make your scrapbook beautiful.
  • Canon designed this printer in a way that meets all your crafting needs efficiently as it is a package of incredible features. It specializes in printing 12x 12 inches scrapbooks; it can also achieve great results on craft papers. Print on even 12×12 inches paper without borders.
  • For a wide tonal range, this TSTS9521C is supported with a 5-ink cartridge system with pigment-based black and dye-based colors. Other than just printing the scrapbook pages, it produces 4×6 inches images in just 21 seconds. A super-fast speed for sure!
  • Accessed the pre-made printable patterns and changed the overall printing settings with its easy-to-access printing settings on a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen that also carries an effortless user interface.
  • Canon always designed its products with unique features. One of the features is the SD card slot. With inserted SD ready, get ready to meet all your printing requirements in an excellent form.
  • Don’t worry if you need urgent printing as this Canon PIXMA allows remote printing also as it gives various connection options. Connect it to the computer using a USB cable, Bluetooth, and built-in Wifi.
  • It is capable of printing your favorite candid moments right on the discs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Print Certified Canon paper in a glossy square shape with its canon-print app. It also allows you to print and scan your memorable events from cloud-based platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Supports easy photo print app
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Wireless options
  • Leave black-streaks on paper

Final Verdict:

Don’t waste your time on time-consuming printers. Get this printer giving you fast printing speeds and completing projects better than others in less time. Buy this and enjoy endless features.

4.) HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 – Scan, Print, and Design Scrapbook

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015If you are a big fan of HP, hold on. They present you with another all-rounder print to fulfill all your needs for making scrapbook pages superb and stylish. Anxious to know about features, then continue reading.

Key Features:

  • This 37% smaller print carries less space and offers speed just like an aircraft. Yes, this high-speed Printer prints about 22 pages in just a minute.Besides just decorating scrapbooks, completing other tasks such as assignments and projects using this awesome device.
  • It doesn’t need to be spent on other machines as this HP Pro 9015 is an exclusive printer that performs multiple tasks like copying, faxing, suitable, and scanning. Doing all these tasks is super-easy with the HP smart app, which makes it possible to access the printer and scanner no matter wherever you are. 
  • This exceptional printer offers you the easiest way to digitize receipts and other critical; now business documents on your smartphone. Organize your documents 50 % faster by eliminating the repetitive tasks and easily sync with Google drive and quick books.
  • An all-in-one package printer is revolutionary as it is equipped with wireless, and 
  • Ethernet. Use it wirelessly across the network without even using the USB cable. It provides wireless support to its users via Apple AirPrint and HP smart App.
  • The print resolution of this HP Printer is 4800×1200 dpi that is enough to print incredible images and make your scrapbook as no one else has. Get your job done in a snap with its swift speed of 32ppm in color or black.
  • It carries a great copier as well as a scanner. Do borderless printing on for 8.5×11 documents while non-borderless is available at  8.5×14 files with a scanning resolution of 120dpi and copying resolution of 600dpi.
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  • Offers 2-sided printing
  • Provides Wifi connectivity
  • Have 250 sheet input capacity
  • Comes with a Copier and Scanner
  • Cartridge issue

Final Verdict:

Want to make your scrapbook beautiful and colorful, then? Why are you looking for another printer? Buy this high-speed 12×12 printer for Scrapbook and get the results that you want. So, grab it now, and complete your multiple tasks.

5.) HP ENVY PHOTO 6255 – Versatile Paper Handling

HP ENVY PHOTO 6255Another all-in-one inkjet printer by HP is ready to knock at your doors. Get true-to-life photos with this versatile printer as it produces authentic colors. Invest some money and get images that are superb and classy.

Now quickly look at the features of this compact size printer.

Key Features:

  • This is a little bit smaller printer, but it does not mean that HP compromises its performance. It saves your time with the paper capacity of a 125 sheet tray and a 25-sheet photo tray, now you don’t need to load and reload your tray again and again. The small yet excellent device!
  • The printer’s power is in your hands as it gives you the facility to print from the cloud, camera-roll gallery, social media using a tablet or cell phone via HP smart app. Printing tasks become exceptional with its innovative app.
  • Additionally, this printer is doable that also supports automatic duplex printing, which means print both sides of the paper simultaneously without taking them out after they print from one side.
  • Saving your time in this fast-moving world is not an easy task, but now this is possible as time-saving shortcuts are present on its 2.2inch mono touchscreen. Just select whatever you want using your fingers. Isn’t it a unique thing?
  • With a whopping resolution of 4800x1200dpi, you can get the best prints for your 12×12 inch scrapbook. In addition, the printing speeds are fantastic: 8ppm for black and white printing and 13ppm for color printing.
  • Do large scanning, copying, and printing of your necessary documents, as this is not just a printer; it is a super-duper package of a high-quality scanner and a copier also.
  • Setup a printing press; use it at your home or in the office as this small printer can easily fit anywhere, giving your borderless photos a flyer of matchless quality. Don’t worry about paper type as it supports a wide variety of paper types ranging from 4×5 inch, 4×6 inch, 5×7 inch, 8×10 inch, letter, legal to No.10 envelopes.

  • Touch screen
  • Offer two-sided printing
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Installation needs credit card information

Final Verdict:

Buying the best printer for your 12×12 scrapbook is a tricky decision when several printers are available in the market. Therefore, go for HP Envy HP 6255 will be the best choice. Print modern scrapbooks or get a booklet layout copy of your product; all is so easy. So hurry; now, up to grab this high-performance printer.


The 12×12 printers are awesome for making a scrapbook as these printers hold great features: fast painting speed and high-quality printouts; delightfully, these printers are a fantastic investment.

Undoubtedly, the great features of scrapbook printers enable you to make high-quality printouts; you get multi-purpose options because buying any of these printers will be a fantastic investment for every amateur and professional.

In a nutshell, to regain the feel of your favorite childhood hobby, you can purchase one of these best 12×12 scrapbook page printers and involve your family in something creative.

But also remember that printers offer much more features that you can enjoy after buying them, so instead of borrowing from others, buy your own printer and have endless fun.

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